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Today at Badminton Peru, we are still sticking to the topic of sports, but slightly veering to another sport that is gaining a lot of attention lately. The sport, Stunt Scooters!

The adventure of riding a tricycle when a toddler is about 1 year old or above is stupendous. Parents love to watch their tiny tot ride their vehicle to and fro by practicing hard day and night. As the time passed, the invention took place and new ventures foreseen in different nations. Today RILLA Pro Scooters are taking the market away because of its flawless ride and amazing looks. The ideal age for riding a pro scooter is around 6 above. They come in versatile range of colors and varieties.

Features of pro scooters

The foremost thing which you will notice in all types of pro scooters is there basic trendy features that actually take the heart away-

Sleek L shape design– The vertical rod in steel with brakes and steady slide board with three wheels is the basic structure. In this kind of scooter you will observe the common three tier facility. The first wheel is placed in the front where the vertical rod is assembled and another two wheels are adjacent to each other placed at the back of the slide board.

Lights- There are attractive light system given below the slide board so that illuminating affect can be given while riding the pro scooter. For girls you will mostly administer lights in pink and yellow color, while for boys blue and green are the colors designated for the lighting system.

Brakes- To stop the scooter while riding at a sturdy pace, scooter has a two brake system like adult bikes. They are not very smooth like big size razor bikes, but yes, they serve the purpose of stopping the vehicle on time.

Customization – Nowadays you can use an online custom scooter builder to literally create your dream stunt scooter that you have always wanted. This is a great way to figure out exactly what your scooter will look like before purchasing.

Weight of the scooter

A rider should weigh 60 pounds or less to enjoy the pro scooter. The overweight kids can select from the upper models and heavy duty scooters to accommodate their body weight or else the pro scooter will brake and may invite haphazard injuries.

Where to buy from

You can easily buy pro scooters variety from the online platform. There are various online dealers which are associated at the shopping sites and even sell separately under a big brand name. Before you proceed with the designer pro scooter at any website, it is beneficial to go through the reviews of the customers who have already purchased from the same source.

Watch an awesome new scooter video below or check out of RILLA Scooters YouTube channel here. Or watch one of their videos below:


With the pro scooters your kid may get a delightful gift hamper as a gesture from the reputed brand such as-

  • Wrist band
  • Mosquito repellant band
  • Head gear helmet
  • Hand gloves for smooth grip
  • Knee and elbow covers

The cost of the good quality pro scooter is around $150 and above. However, various brands and online shopping sites provide promotional discounts which you can avail round the clock.

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