The Rise Of Cheap WooCommerce Extensions & Plugins

Posted By on Jun 6, 2016 |

Download cheap WooCommerce extensions with WooSociety today


For the longest time now, WooCommerce Extensions and plugins have been a very very expensive part of creating what seems to be a free WordPress E-commerce site, using WooCommerce.

Yes, WooCommerce is a brilliant plugin, however as soon as you want to do something useful like, add something to the checkout of WooCommerce, or bundle products together, it becomes a massive expense.

The average WooCommerce site uses 6 WooCommerce Extensions and the average price for each is $50. Some as high as $150! So on average, you’d spend $300 on WooCommerce extensions, even before you’ve made a sale. This had to change. Up sprung a website called WooSociety.

WooSociety are now the largest WooCommerce extension site that offer plugins, themes and other WordPress related goodies at a fraction of the cost under the GPL licence. Their plugins start from just $9 and go up to $15. Very affordable to say the least.

This helps small business owners, agencies and individuals, set up a fully functioning site with the correct functionality for a fraction of the price. Keeping everyone smiling while your return on investment is much quicker.

Use the WooSociety discount code: WOO20   for 20% off your first order with them.

For more information on downloading cheap WooCommerce Extensions, go to today.



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