Basic information on peripheral neuropathy

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преузимањеIt is estimated that somewhere around 20 million US citizens are suffering from peripheral neuropathy, or at least some form of it, which is a lot. And yet, even though so many people are suffering from this condition, the general public does not seem to know much about it. Well, seeing how so many people suffer from it, it would be wise to do so, and the best place to start is by finding out how such a condition develops.

Well, like many other nervous system related conditions, this one develops due to some kind of a damage done to the peripheral nervous system, which is basically a huge system of roadways that send out information about your body between the brain (which is the center of this system) and every other part of our body. This condition distorts that information, and a person might start feeling pain in response to a touch or any other kid of stimulus; a pain that should otherwise be completely painless, or offer only a slight sense of discomfort. This may cause a burning pain, paralysis, muscle wasting, gland or even organ dysfunction, which only proves to us how serious this condition really is. And due to the peripheral neuropathy, there might even be some kind of an impairment to our digestion, sexual function, sweating, urinating, and in some cases it could even lead to organ failure!

We now know how serious this condition might be, but how do we know if we have it, or if we are in fact feeling real pain. Perhaps our nerves are sending the right message of pain to our brain, and we did indeed get injured, but are unaware of it. Well, there are some symptoms that could clearly indicate if you are suffering from a peripheral neuropathy, and we’re going to tell you what they are. However, it should be known that the symptoms may vary depending on sensory, autonomic or motor nerves and if and how damaged they are. The sensory nerves transmit the information such as the light touches or the pains made from a cut. The autonomic ones control the activities of the organs that get regulated automatically, such as the heart and gland functions, the food digesting, or the breathing. imagesAnd the motor nerves are the ones that control the voluntary movements, and are use for walking, grabbing things with your hands, talking, etc. Now, there are some neuropathic conditions that affect all three types of nerves, and then there are the ones that affect only the two of them, and some only affect one. It is always wise to talk to a doctor if you think that you might be suffering from this.

Now, if you think you might have peripheral neuropathy, you shouldn’t panic, because there is a cure for this. The medicine called the Nerve Renew is said to do magic with this condition, and if you wish to know a little more about it, you can do it at

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